Sunday, January 1, 2012

E cigarette forum pcc.

This is a very beneficial accessory PCC stands for Personal Charging Case. Check our reviews and forum. It is a portable electronic cigarette charging. The Mega-PCC from SmokelessImage, also sold as the XL-PCC by many other. Innokin recently released their latest. Shown: assembled unit laying on top of the portable charger, bottle of e-liquid, cord to plug in PCC, and wall. PCC has a mah battery allowing you to charge your batteries on the fly. You can put the whole e- cigarette in M702 SMART PCC , don't need to dismantle it at all. Electronic Cigarette Forum: Ask questions, get answers and share your experience. REVIEW OF THE SPORT V1P PCC ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. Com, ecf, ecig, kanger, kr808, mega-pcc.

PCC in e-cigarette world means Personal/Portable Charging Case. By the term itself, it's a case for your e-cigarette that serves as a charger as. Volt discussion thread over at e-cigarette-forums. Thread / Thread Starter, Last Post, Replies, Views, Forum. 510, e cig, ego, free shipping, joye, joye 510, nicotine 8 Attachment s.

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